Brand uplift for the digital financial education platform, deployed across universities to improve outcomes for millions of students globally. I evolved the look and feel of the brand which consisted in designing a new logo, updating corporate fonts and coming up with a new visual language and design system for the company.


Black represents our desire to ensure anyone has the ability to be in the black. After all, ability to control our finances gives us a degree of control over our life and mastery over our destiny.

Bullion is the purest form of value much as education is both the ultimate value and the purest form of wealth.

The asterisk represents the small print. Knowing there is almost more to learn and explore and that the small print is often where you find the most interesting information — if you put in the work.

Brand reveal

Mont is a geometric sans serif. The typefaceʼs versatility and merits make it easy to confront any graphic design challenge — web, print, motion graphics etc. It supports Extended Latin, Cyrillic and Greek — more than 130 languages all together. The balanced characteristic of Mont with unique details, such as the pointed “t” and the prominent x-height makes it perfect for strong headlines and long text.

DM Sans is a low-contrast geometric sans serif design, intended for use at smaller text sizes. It supports a Latin Extended glyph set, enabling typesetting for English and other Western European languages. The DM Sans project was commissioned by Google from Colophon, an international and award-winning type foundry based in London.

A design system that reflects Blackbullion’s unique balance of structure and flexibility. With the help of 30° and 150° diagonal lines the design system can flex and adjust.

A responsive, functional design system that creates structure in any format, on any platform. Layout and hierarchy can be restructured nimbly and efficiently.

Each piece is supposed to work around the next. We use layout, and bold titles, not just to convey a message but to imply space.