TotallyMoney is a credit app that helps customers improve their credit score and borrow better. We believe that people’s financial data should work for them, not against them, which is why we’re working to create an industry where everybody wins. We help lenders make smarter, more informed decisions — and show customers exactly where they stand, empowering them to move forward.


eCRM has one of the biggest impacts on both engagement and revenue at TotallyMoney. As part of the Creative Team I refreshed some of our old “service” emails and also created several bespoke ones. The task was to explore and design a few concepts for each email type, taking into consideration the content the email is using and what the most important information is required to be prominent.

The project resulted in a 16% increase in hero clicks after introducing motion heroes, 45% uplift in engagement and a 77% increase in banner clicks after designing new banner components.

Organic Social Media

Creating assets on weekly base for organic channels, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.