Visual identity for a night event where all creative people meet in one place to learn, create, and have some fun together.

to adore
verb, 1. to like or admire very much.

Noaptea Înainte de Deadline (Rom) — The Night Before the Deadline

This event’s aim is to bring together the people who make an effort to develop the creative sector in Moldova.

They are graphic designers, creatives, painters, photographers, musicians, videographers, visual artists, animators, copywriters, bloggers and graffiti artists.

It appeals both to professionals from the creative sector as well as to enthusiastic beginners. 

Also, we welcome the clients interested in how the creative process works.

Spiked pillow — a symbol of a sleepless night before the deadline.

Agency: Publicis Moldova
Team: Ana Ghenciu, Vova Malostev