MOMENTS Album Artwork

Album artwork for Andrew Rayel's second record MOMENTS. Out 5 May 2017 at Armada Music. It is the follow-up to Rayel's debut album Find Your Harmony, which was released on 2014.

12 out of 18 songs in the album were released as singles over a two-year period from 2016 to 2017, with the lead single being “I’ll Be There” featuring American vocalist Eric Lumiere. Moments incorporates a mixture of big room-influenced trance, progressive house, psy-trance, and dubstep within its tracks. The album was announced on 18 February 2017 together with a world tour which lasted from April to August 2017.

Agency: Publicis Moldova
Team: Vova Malostev, Eugen Boico, Natalia Plitoc